Ramesses Development Partners.

moving development forward

Ramesses Development Partners (RDP) has over 75 years of combined real estate experience in land acquisition, project management, finance structuring and analysis, construction and asset management.

RDP is governed by the development philosophy which recognizes that 'Land is The only Reel Wealth in This Country and If We Don't Own Any We Are Our of the Picture'

RDP manages the development process using the 'Bridge concept.' This means that every aspect of the Project, from acquisition to asset management, must be bridged together with qualified and nationally recognized professional consultants.

RDP  believes in delivering maximized value to our Clients Real Estate Holdings;

RDP understands the importance of delivering our investors the highest possible returns at the lowest possible risk through sound management of the development process;

RDP will deliver a property by meeting the needs of the market while enhancing the building stock for the community.