Ramesses Development Partners focuses on using the most modern and efficient methods in the delivery of their projects to ensure projects stay on budget on schedule as well as delivering long term performance.

Their use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the modeling and exchange of information from conception shortens the decision process and helps reduce errors in construction.

Using Lean Construction and Integrated Project Delivery as well as modularized construction when appropriate will further streamline project delivery.

The holding periods and exit strategies for the Fund’s properties also will vary, with profitability and favorable risk-reward ratios serving as the benchmarks for liquidation of the Fund’s assets.

Each asset will be sold after significant value has been added. In some instances, this may involve vertical development of improvements on property owned by the Fund.

Vertical development may be pursued in the case of “build- to-suit” opportunities, when significant pre-leasing commitments are in place, or when buildings otherwise are expected to be quickly leased to stabilization.

In each case, the goal will be to provide excellent returns to Fund investors beyond the acquisition and entitlement stage through operations.
Finally, central to the execution strategy is to supply the market with World Class design meeting or exceeding current benchmarks.