Joe Bradford

Prior to joining Ramesses Development Partners, Joe Bradford worked as an advisor on structuring and legal compliance at a number of international finance institutions. 

Mr. Bradford’s has acted as a subject matter expert on numerous project and corporate financing projects. Applying his expertise in drafting, audit and legal compliance, he was able to assist clients in the structuring and closing of billions of dollars of financial transactions.

In addition to his work with Ramesses Development Partners, Mr. Bradford is partner at Ibex Advisory, a values-based private wealth advisory. 

In the non-profit sector, Joe is Managing Director of the Wellspring Endowment. Wellspring operates as a community project incubator, identifying and bringing solutions to underserved areas related to education, finance, and social service.

Mr. Bradford’s brings his rich experience in legal compliance and structuring to Ramesses Development Partners. As Structuring Advisor, he helps negotiate and structure deal in addition to procuring deal funding.

Mr. Bradford is an alumnus of the University of Medina, holding a graduate degree in Islamic law. Working in finance for close to a decade, he frequently lectures on Islamic law, finance, and ethics.