The Ramesses Development Fund was formed to acquire existing and unimproved real estate property to develop, and improve through opera- tions to be repositioned to a higher and better use.

Ramesses principals understand that real estate is a local business, the Fund intends to focus on markets in which it has a thorough understanding of local market nuances, with a preliminary emphasis on Washington DC, New York City, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and Austin.
Future assets targeted to be acquired by the Fund are in the top 50 United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas enjoying high population and employment growth.

Additionally the Fund will focus on longer term projects that have very strong local demographics.
As Ramesses acquires talented personnel from other parts of the country with extensive market knowledge, new and potential geographic areas will be added to the Fund’s target areas.

The Ramesses Development Fund may also acquire other valuable property rights, such as contract rights, air rights, partnership and membership interests in order to access real estate owned by the company.
Acquisition strategies for the Fund’s properties are flexible and vary by asset class and case-by-case considerations with the primary focus on Urban Infill mixed-use, multi-family housing, Student Housing, Health Care, and single-family developments by purchasing land or improved property using a variety of acquisition strategies.